With our earlier careers working extensively in sales and senior management leadership roles in technology companies together with successfully operating Pelorus International for over 20 years we remain hands on in sales and facilitation services. We are ideally placed to continue to provide a range of Consulting Services based on best practices and the latest thought leadership to our Clients. The following are services we provide:

Go –to – Market Strategy

We provide a facilitated management workshop to determine the current revenues sources, business situation and desired growth objectives. This workshop includes market segmentation, target markets and key Customers Goals, objectives, allocated and accountable strategies and measurable actions. Outcomes can also include differentiated value propositions and key messaging, digital marketing and promotional requirements where applicable. Other options can be included as required by the Client.

Strategic Marketing

We draw upon our in depth marketing leadership experience, our academic background, specialist network resources and best practice methods to work with you on your strategic marketing requirements. 

Sales Opportunity Mentoring and Reviews

We regularly conduct sales opportunity reviews for our clients to see where they can be improved and where there are risks to be managed. These can cover qualification, competitive exposure, coverage, relationships and executive conversations to name a few.

We can provide these reviews on line, on phone or in group sessions. Alternatively we can coach sales mangers how to run effective non-threatening opportunity plan reviews themselves.

Joint Partner Planning Facilitation

For our clients who have completed the “Partner Management Planning” programme we can facilitate the joint partner planning review. This is a high level facilitation of a nominated key partner plan, where both parties commit to reviewing and actioning the plan. Our experienced facilitation provides an independent, fresh objective view. Joint planning requires all stakeholders from both “partnering” organisations to meet for up to one or two days and can include management levels up to and including the CEO in order to achieve a truly honest and open collaborative relationships between both parties – not just leaving it to a sales person to sales person activity which in most cases will fail.

You are invited to contact us to discuss critical success factors of your Sales Growth Plan for the future.

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