Interim Sales Management

Interim Sales Management & Sales Operations Management

In today’s highly competitive environment companies may find themselves requiring Interim Sales Management for a number of reasons such as:
  • A need to maintain a lean and focused executive team
  • Sudden departure of a key Executive and a need to maintain momentum
  • An identified need to establish best practice sales processes whilst finding the right person to fill the role full time
  • Recognition that the right processes need to be established in a particular region before handing over to an internal resource or division to manage

We have long term experience in executive Sales and Marketing leadership roles, stakeholder relationships and growth management. This expertise includes enabling global and national sales organisations refresh and implement improved sales effectiveness to grow their business, through to business development of start-ups and direct management of business initiatives to achieve strategic objectives. 

As principals of Pelorus International we can provide our direct specialist expertise as Chief Sales Officer to achieve:
  • Sales leadership and management continuity 
  • Sales performance improvement
  • Establishing best practice sales and sales management processes within your organisation
  • Establish effective sales operations for your organisation covering sales tools & technology, sales and sales management processes, selection of the right people and their motivation, organisational alignment etc.
  • Sales on-boarding up to developing your Corporate Sales Academy

You are invited to contact us to discuss critical success factors of your Sales Growth Plan for the future.

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