Training Workshops

Business Conversations Workshop (BCP)

The BCP workshop complements our clients existing investment in sales processes and transformation strategies. It will build on the sales professional’s business acumen and confidence to engage with and raise their value with senior and executive management. This leads to stronger executive relationships and competitive differentiation to improve their sales performance and ability to achieve Trusted Advisor Status within their key accounts.

Value Derived from this Workshop

  • Planning and practicing C- level meetings for existing accounts and new opportunities
  • Increased knowledge of how executives expect to engage with sales professionals
  • Greater confidence discussing strategic and financial aspects of their customer’s business
  • Understanding the elements and importance placed on business knowledge for competitive advantage
  • Alignment with best practice opportunity and account management processes
  • Clearer and less fearful awareness of ‘how’ to conduct a prepared meeting with C- level executives
  • Understanding ‘why’ customers respond positively to sales professionals who ‘converse’ at a business level 

Opportunity Management Process

Pelorus International's Opportunity Management process is a simplified and highly effective approach that address these key sales issues:  
Is there a qualified opportunity? Can we compete? Can we win? 
When implemented it enable sales and sales management to focus and reinforce on what amounts to a ‘ change management initiative', by  educating and enabling sales teams to shift their approach to ‘how' they sell not what they sell.

Outcomes include
  • Improving win rate
  • Shortening the sales cycle 
  • Developing differentiated business value 
  • Building the right business relationships within opportunities
  • Increasing revenue and profit.
  • Increased sales professionalism

Major Account Planning

The Major Account Planning workshop provides a planning focus to protect and grow key accounts and stronger relationships within them. It provides effective approaches to understand the processes required to “increase coverage and penetration” in the account. Also to determine the most ‘value driven' selling strategy with alignment of customer value to your solutions to grow revenue within the account.

Outcomes include: 
  • Measurable Account Plans and actions that take current investments and leverage these to the highest returns.
  • Creation of ‘Competitive Differentiation' in the account in order to achieve the largest slice of spend
  • Alignment of the sales and customer buying processes
  • Deeper understanding of the key sales coverage and relationship requirements

Partner Management Planning

Having the right partners with the right relationships and motivation is critical for a well performing channel growth strategy. The ability to do this depends on the development of preference for the company over its competitors, focused allocation of resources to drive collaboration and joint planning.
The Pelorus Channel Partner Planning Process provides a solid foundation for both organisations to collaboratively review their resultant partner plan to achieve management approval, support and alignment for mutual growth.

Outcomes include:
  • Having the right partners with the right management relationships to be successful 
  • Incremental insight into your chosen partner through a joint approach
  • Confirmed market segments from which incremental revenues can be achieved
  • Agreed Value Propositions for both the partner and the partnership
  • A draft plan how to go-to-market together

Sales Management Coaching & Enablement

Effective Sales Management is a Critical Success Factor for every sales organisation. High performing Sales Managers drive the business producing profitable revenue, customer loyalty and high performing, motivated sales teams with the right sales behaviours. This programme provides repeatable best practices and skills that address how to grow target markets, recruit and develop high performance sales teams, provide the right tools and resources to effectively manage the business and people.

Outcomes Include:
  • A sales plan that defines where and how participants can realise their revenue goals.
  • Sales teams’ personal development plans
  • Sales management cadence plan for reporting and business reviews to manage their business to achieve desired performance outcomes.

You are invited to contact us to discuss critical success factors of your Sales Growth Plan for the future.

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