A team of expert business advisors

Collaborative approach: Our value proposition

We discuss critical business issues and review ‘what’s working’ with our clients in open dialogue, developing the trust and helping to clarify ‘what’s not working’. This begins the development of our Value based relationship, measuring performance improvement.

We also review the management and staff resources who are accountable to execute the Growth Plan, developing them to become a critical success factor. We strive to give our clients the highest probability of success in driving their growth strategy.

We apply ‘global best practices’ on Sales Organisation Effectiveness.

Our Mentoring, Advising and Coaching addresses Growth Planning, Marketing Alignment & Building Customer Centric Businesses.

Pelorus International founded by Jay F Johnson, in Melbourne Australia in 1995, has continued its successful journey and passionate commitment to assisting companies in technology and other industry segments achieve consistent growth.

Our success has been aligned to and driven by our clients achieving sales, revenue and profit targets, through the ‘hands on’ experience of our experts. Applying focus to ‘how’ to sell Business Value through industry experience mentoring and coaching.