Market Focus

Australia with its strong history of economic performance has relied on, proportionately to total GDP, our large Mid Market Sized Companies. These are the $5M to $250M Annual Turnover.

The Australian Mid Market was recently reported in a KPMG article, as the “engine room of the nation’s economy”. It employs nearly a quarter of Australian workforce and responsible for almost 40 per cent of Australia’s business revenue.

Our future, in the ‘next normal’ of post Covid19, will rest to a large extent on the success of mid market companies to bring innovation and strength of leadership to the Australian economy.

Pelorus International and its collective of business experts and advisors, provides the focus and experience to support the growth and planning of  Mid Market companies.

Pelorus International business mentors and experts engage at  multiple levels to review and support:

  • Assessment of Growth Plans and Initiatives

  • Assessing technology use strategy to support growth plan

  • Review of staff agility and adaptability to successfully execute growth and success
  • Development of Sales and Marketing alignment

  • Development of enduring Customer Centricity