What Is ‘Next Normal’ Defining The Practice Of ‘Business Mentoring’?

Small and Medium Enterprises have access to a wide range of executives, with global experience in mentoring businesses.

Skills and practical knowledge have been developed to assist companies, Build, Restore, Grow and Thrive in a post Covid business environment.

How we provide this tailored expert advice, as Mentors, is through effective online meeting with key decision makers of your business strategy and growth plan.

Critical to the building of ‘leading indicators’, collaborative learning strengths what is working and produces pragmatic and relevant outlines of the ‘organisation changes’ required to drive improved performance and results.

Pelorus International implements a Mentoring Methodology designed to challenge and sharpen the business skills of our clients.  Through a 5 Step Process, we will build a long term relationship to provide online assistance, face to face reviews, workshops or program development by executives with expert skills.

A wide array of topics cover everything from, Building a Business Plan and Setting Prices to Developing Competitor or Market Analysis.

Long term Mentoring is a Leading Indicator of Our Client Success!