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Our Industry Collective of Expert Alliances

Annexa Leading Netsuite/Oracle Partner company in Port Melbourne, Victoria

Jay has assisted and guided us through creating our Annexa overall business plan and strategy, Oracle/NetSuite Annual & Quarterly business plans, Management Coaching, Sales Management Coaching, Sales and Account Management Enablement and assisted with many interviews for critical sales and account management positions.

Ross Spriggs
Managing Director

SCORE ASSOCIATION (USA) National US Association of Business Executives, sponsored by the US Small Business Association.  Its purpose is to provide Mentor expertise to small and medium businesses seeking advice, experiences and knowledge from experts in business success development.

As a mentor Jay utilized his experience with start up companies as well as corporations in business who had problems. Jay’s experience included business and marketing strategies.

Michael Lewis
Assistant District Director

KMSI Asia Pacific’s Leading Provider of Business, Financial, and Sales Acumen

Jay has a deep understanding of the complete enablement process with specialties in large complex opportunity management.  Jay can teach, coach and mentor teams in opportunity management methodologies, channel management and conducting executive conversations.

Rob Wells
Managing Director

LSE Consulting A specialist Management Consulting company that provides Executive level Management Consulting, Executive Coaching and business improving intervention services

The assignments that Jay has delivered focused on strategic business oriented engagement with senior executives in the target ‘Top 200’ organisations… Using Jay’s interventions as a key component of the transformation initiatives, I have been able to successfully transform the sales processes in the respective organisations and significantly increase their sales results.

Philip Belcher

Pascoe County Florida USA Economic Development Council

Jay was instrumental in assisting me with several of these programs including the monthly Roundtable Session.  Due to his extensive knowledge and expertise, I asked Jay to sit on our West Pasco Entrepreneur Center Advisory Committee to give us guidance and feedback to better serve the community.  He proved to be a huge asset to this organization and is very hard to replace.

Program Coordinator

Ericom Managed IT Services

Jay, a subject matter expert of Pelorus International, in Technology Sales Organisation Effectiveness and Growth Planning was engaged by NEC to provide our ELT with the experience needed to ‘change’ the selling process.

Bob Lanigan
Senior Executive Corrections